When Susan Wolf was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the age of 23, the young mother decided against her studies and for music. Under her own direction she produced her first album then.

Success was not long in coming and Susan Wolf already played her first concerts on large stages such as at the renowned Jazz Fest Wien. Tours with the successful British-Georgian artist Katie Melua followed, as well as with Mick Hucknall of Simply Red, with whom Wolf performed in elegant opera houses in Germany. As a guest artist, Susan accompanies US legend Giant Sand on their tour through Europe. In New York, Susan experiments with producer Kevin Bents, known for his work with German artistic legend Marius Müller Westernhagen. In Hamburg, Susan Wolf charms her audience at concerts together with greats like Peter Maffay.

However, due to serious health problems, the artist has to distance herself from her music. Sadly, her own guitar is sold and Wolf limits her performances only to occasional appearances with jazz classics in Hotel bars. Until one day, a special hotel guest saw and heard her performing in the hotel lobby. When he hears her story, which is marked by her illness, concern for her family and existential fears, he buys her a guitar as a sign that she should dedicate herself to her music again. This encounter triggers an awakening in her and sparks an awareness of how much she was missing music. She also realizes that a life without it will worsen her health condition.

It is truly a liberating blow for the artist when she consciously decides to follow her heart again and return to music. She changes her life, distances herself from people who want to hold her back and finds ways to heal her disease. She then fulfills her long-awaited dream of traveling to Denmark to write and produce her next album I HAVE VISIONS, which the artist acknowledges as her actual debut album . After a long suffering, many turmoils, standstills and setbacks, Susan Wolf is healthy and continues to pursue her dreams with music. “Life wants me to move and come around / it wants me to rise out of the ground / and loose the chains holding my body down” (Wolf, 2019, I Have Visions)

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