After a musical hiatus lasting years, Susan Wolf is returning to the stage again. On her third album, which she describes as her real debut album, she tells her life story, which thus far has been characterised by great successes, strokes of fate and courageous decisions. After a number of successful tours in Europe, together with household names such as Katie Melua, Mick Hucknall from Simply Red and American legend Giant Sand, as well as various musical escapades ranging from New York to the Arizona Desert and across into the cold of Northern Europe, she took a step out of the limelight and into the solitude of the alps, making her artistic return an even more brilliant celebration. The ‘I Have Visions’ studio album, recorded entirely in Denmark, is an autobiographical piece to the core in which songs tell the story of Wolf answering the calling of her soul and how she managed to tread her path despite constraints along the way. The fact that she is appearing under her birth name Susan Wolf, instead of her lifelong pseudonym ‘Tolloy’, is a mark of her emancipation and comeback in itself.




“I Have Visions” is one of those albums you don´t hear everyday. For me, Susan Wolf is already one of the hottest canditates for the album of the year 2019. (www.redcarpetreports.de)

…an irrefutable debut full of hope, courage and trust…a deeply emotional, damn good album…Rating: Absolutely valuable! Timeless! I would like to recommend this album to everyone. It always goes forward, as hard as it is. (www.access2music.de)

…this mood of longing and breakheartedness on the one hand and courage and determination on the other runs through the whole album. This is what makes this album so appealing. Susan Wolf´s expressive voice paired with the fantastic instrumentation of her two “Vikings” make this album stand out from the crowd of average products. A trio has been found from which we will hopefully hear a lot more. (www.behrng-berlin.com)

…a passionate plea to follow one´s inner voice and vocation. Conclusion: A timeless album that radiates a lot of atmosspere and magic. Susan Wolf has ventured a new beginning that is more than successful. Absolutely worth listening to! (www.wegotmusic.de)

…a beautiful album and on e that should not be forgotten at the end of the year for the annual reviews. A discovery for me. (www.musikglobal.com)

…Susan Wolf has followed her soul and has managed to go her own way away from the constraints. The album is a sign of emancipation and a return to yourself. (www.in-akustik.de)


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